How It Works

Step 1: SignUp for a Vendor Account

After SignUp a confirmation email will be sent out with instruction on completing your Vendor Account Set Up see Step 2 below.

Step 2: Connect Your Vendor Account with Stripe

In order to start accepting orders a Stripe account is required. Stripe is our credit card processing partner. This is an easy process, but we will be glad to walk you through it. Within your “Vendor Account Admin” go to "Stripe Connect" and click the "Connect With Stripe" button. This will take you to Stripe. If you have a Stripe account log. into Stripe. If you do not have a Stripe account, please fill in the necessary information to create a Stripe account. You will then be directed back to the “Admin Area”. You should then see that your Vendor Account has been successfully connected to Stripe.

Step 3: Create an “Insertion Order”

An Insertion order must be created for each VendViva™ Spotlight. This details the specifics of the VendViva™ Spotlight such as: the SKU numbers, start date, end date, commissions, contact info, fulfillment details, product details, etc... From within the Vendor Account Admin you can downloaded an insertion order. Again, your personal VendViva™ representative will be glad to walk you through this process. Once filled in, email the Insertion order to or to your personal VendViva™ representative.

Step 4: Create The VendViva™ Spotlight

Once the Insertion Order is received, the next step is to create the VendViva™ Spotlight. VendViva™ Spotlights are comprised of multiple products, typically a compelling main VendViva™ Spotlight followed the option to enhance the purchase and buy an exciting package deal. VendViva™ will work with Vendors to create a compelling VendViva™ Spotlight.

At this point, we would ask that the Vendor provide as much creative support as possible: product images, copy, and video, if you have it. After the VendViva™ Spotlight assets are in hand, the VendViva™ team will put create your VendViva™ Spotlight. Vendors have the final say in the VendViva™ Spotlight creation including pricing, design, all content (the “Story”) and the VendViva™ Spotlight flow. The VendViva™ Spotlight will not go live until Vendor has approved of the VendViva™ Spotlight.

Step 5: Distribute VendViva™ Spotlight

Once Live, the VendViva™ Spotlight will be made available to the VendViva™ Publisher Network. The team at VendViva will actively work to find the right websites and blogs for your VendViva™ Spotlight. We will seek out Publishers with content that is relevant to your Spotlight(s). Vendors who have existing relationships with Publishers are encouraged to allow VendViva™ to pursue those Publishers for VendViva™ Spotlight placement.

Step 6: Fulfill Orders!

Vendors are required to have Order fulfilling capabilities or have an established relationship with a third party fulfiller. If this is not in place, VendViva™ can assist Vendors in finding a third party fulfiller.

From the Vendor Admin Area, Vendors have access to reporting. Optionally, order files may be securely transmitted to a remote destination. Orders file formats may be customized to meet third party fulfillment requirements, including Fulfillment By Amazon.