Is a video required?

No, a video is not required to become an VendViva™ vendor. We will be able to create a compelling Spotlight with or without a video.

What is a VendViva™ Spotlight?

A Spotlight is made up of a combination of related products and services. Typically, there is the "main Spotlight" which consumers have the option to purchase. Once the purchase is made the customer, you have the choice to present the option to enhance their order with a special combination deal.

How do I determine which products should comprise a VendViva™ Spotlight?

There is no limit to what the Spotlight logic may entail. VendViva™ will work with you to customize the logic for each Vendor Spotlight to create a Spotlight flow that works.

What if I only have one product?

A VendViva™ Spotlight can be made up of a single main product but with a little creativity we can come up with some compelling package offer. VendViva™ will work with you to come up with an effective up-sell strategy.

Do vendors have control over VendViva™ Spotlight design?

Yes. All aspects of the Spotlight design, layout, and flow require Vendor acceptance. VendViva™ has years of experience in creating compelling Spotlights.


Do Vendors have control over which websites display their VendViva™ Spotlights?

Yes. The recommended approach is to allow any publisher to display a VendViva™ Spotlight. Vendors may then see a list of publisher running their Spotlight(s) and block publishers that they object to.

How is order processing and customer service handled?

Vendors are responsible for fullfilling orders and provding customer service. A vendor provided customer service number is displayed in the spotlight and order confirmations. Vendors will have access to an admin area will orders can be downloaded. VendViva will integrate with third party fullfillers if required at no cost.

How are Credit Card Transactions Handled?

Credit cards are processed through our payment partner Stripe. All transactions are processed through our payment partner Stripe. Vendors are required to have a Stripe account. After Signing Up instructions will be sent out on obtaining a Stripe account. This is all done from within the Vendor Account Admin. Funds are deposited into the Vendor's Stripe account after each successful transaction. Stripe Fees and VendViva™ commissions are taken out at the time of the transaction. There is no monthly fee for a Stripe account.

How are returns handled?

The Vendor is responsible for all returns and refunds. Commissions are not refunded to Vendor for returns and refunds.

Are there any other costs?

There is a set fee for creating a VendViva™ Spotlight campaign. Set fees vary based on the campaign details. VendViva™ associates will work with you to keep set fees as low as possible. There is a reasonable commission charge and a credit processing charge per legitimate order; VendViva™ only makes money when we provide you with a paying customer.