Keep Your Visitor's Attention.

VendViva™ makes monetizing your audience simple - and we make sure you keep your audience on your page, instead of losing them to someone else´s landing page.

Choose which Spotlights Fit Your Website or Blog

VendViva™ Spotlights are engaging articles that connect and engage with online readers, turning moments of engagement into moments of conversion.

Each Spotlight tells the story of an innovation and invention. By embedding and sharing VendViva™ Spotlights with your site´s visitors, you promote a worthy business, introduce new relevant content to your site, and give your site´s visitors the choice to purchase these great products. Each time they do, you are paid.

How does it work?

The team at VendViva works with retailers and manufacturers to find the perfect products for your audience. We write up the story behind the team and their products, and embed payment points throughout the piece. Then you have one more article on your site, and when a reader purchases, not only do they stay on your site, but you get paid directly.

  • Spotlights are embedded into a new page within your domain. This increases your website´s "real estate" and keeps visitors on your site.
  • Simply embed as many VendViva™ Spotlights as you like into your site, and start earning commissions immediately.
  • You are paid for every transaction that occurs within your domain.
  • You are paid directly - no need to wait around for us to pay you out once a month.
  • Because VendViva™ provides you with native content, Spotlights are immune to ad blocking software.
  • Should you choose, you can write the Spotlight yourself. Tailor it the way you want, the way you feel speaks best to your audience.
  • There is no work for you to do – you don´t stock, ship, or provide customer service. You don´t even need to write the article! There are no setup costs. There is no need for a merchant account.
  • Spotlights are NOT a banner ad program, text ad or affiliate program that will annoy your visitors and make your site look like a billboard.
  • You will have access to a customer list who have made purchases on your site.
  • It´s clear, straight-forward and easy to get started. Oh, and IT´S FREE.
  • With VendViva™ it´s never been easier to run a successful and profitable Website or Blog!