How It Works

WordPress Publishers checkout our VendViva™ Spotlights WordPress PlugIn and skip these steps

Step 1: Adapter Set UP

A small adapter file must first be uploaded to your site. The adapter file is made available to you after you SignUp. The adapter file allows for easy integration of the VendViva™ Spotlights with your site. Detailed adapter setup instructions will be provided after SignUp. The team at VendViva are always available to speak with you on the phone and walk you through this process.

Step 2: VendViva™trade Spotlight Setup

Once the adapter is set up you can start sell VendViva™ Spotlights on your website or blog! You may choose from all the Current VendViva™ Spotlights and use as many as you like. In the Publisher “Administration Area” a list of current VendViva™ Spotlights will appear with additional information needed for set up. The main piece of information required is the " Spotlight Code". With this in hand, you may easily place any VendViva™ Spotlight on your site by inserting an "Spotlight Tag" into a new page on your site.

VendViva™ Spotlights Store Front The VendViva™ Spotlights Store Front Layout allows for an entire collection of VendViva™ Spotlights to be instantly placed for sale on a Publisher's web site or blog.

The Store Front can be filtered by Categories. The Current VendViva™ Spotlights page is an example of a Store Front with no category filter applied.

The entire navigation will be generated with this layout. A single Store Front Spotlight tag is all that is required. The Store Front enhances SEO because a search engine will spider and index the VendViva™ Spotlights that make up the Store Front.

Step 3: Share Spotlights

Now that the VendViva™ Spotlights are deployed on your site, it's time to share them with your site visitors or even promote them on social media and other outlets. Each Spotlight comes equipped with various "Spotlight Asset" served from the VendViva™ CDN (we use Amazon s3). With just the offer code you may access these offer assets.