What is VendViva™?

With VendViva™, Publishers can build a highly profitable website almost instantly. Think about it, a fully functional online shop filled with VendViva™ Spotlights for products you don´t have to stock, ship, or provide customer service. There are no setup costs and no need for a merchant account. All the time-consuming energy involved in running monetization platform is left in our hands.

How do I make Money?

You make money each time a product is purchased. The payouts vary for each product. You know in advance what the payout is for each VendViva™ Spotlight purchase.

Do I need to handle products?

No never.

What if there are products I would like to sell on my website which are not offered by VendViva™?

Please let us know and we will do our best to procure those products for you. Think of us as your Virtual Buyer. You can even earn additional commissions on product sales that you help us procure.

How returns are handled?

VendViva™ vendors will handle returns and other customer service related issues.

Will customer call me and ask questions on the products sold on my web site?

Each Spotlight clearly displays a 1-800 number for customer service, which is provided by the product’s Vendor.

Do I need a merchant account?


Do I need a secure web site?

Sensitive Credit card data is securely transmitted directly to the VendViva™ servers. Credit data never passes through your server. However, having a secure website will reassure customers that their transactions are secure.

Is there support for getting an VendViva™ up and running?

Yes! Email all support related questions to support@vendviva.com or Chat with us below. We are always glad to talk to you on the phone as well. We are sure you will find that the team at VendViva™ is great to work with. We are eager to partner with you to grow your online success.