ViewSPORT Sweat-Activated Technology

The Shirt That Works When You Do

Ben Wood applied his knowledge of chemistry, dogged determination, and a refusal to hearing "NO" stop his success. As a matter of fact, when some pretty amazing entrepreneurs told him "No", he continued steadfast on his path to success. And now, years later, Ben is the man behind a very successful apparel line that motivates individual athletes, teams, and even the United States Army to get the most of each workout.

After receiving his chemistry degree from SUNY Binghamton, and at the age of 32, Wood was working out when he was struck with an idea; it would be really cool to find a way to use sweat to activate motivating messages on workout clothes. He designed the method, and saw that he could make it happen. He then made the bold move to drop out of medical school to work full-time building his company, perfecting his Sweat-Activated Technology concept, putting together the right messages to motivate, and securing a local printing business.

After much hard work getting his burgeoning business off the ground, Ben secured an appearance on Shark Tank and ViewSPORT was even was awarded a $6.9 million contract with the U.S. Army. While the Sharks did not end up investing in ViewSPORT, Ben wasn't discouraged. "I'm actually proud to say that I didn't get the deal because in hindsight, it's probably the best thing that happened to me," he said. Since the show, there have been campaigns with Pepsico, Inc, clients such as Reebok and Gatorade, and even a contract with the United States Army. ViewSPORT has been featured in Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. ViewSPORT is producing over a million shirts a year and ViewSPORT shirts can now be found worldwide.

Wear Your Sweat With Pride

When you wear a ViewSPORT item, you will notice a cool emblem or message. But just wait; as you exercise and really begin to sweat, that image will change, revealing a new image, or changing the message entirely. This message is bold and meant to inspire you to work harder. As you start to cool down and the piece of clothing dries, the image once again fades. ViewSport technology is totally hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless and safe to wear. It works on all colored fabrics; darkens as moisture is absorbed and becomes undetectable when that fabric dries. "The technology opened a lot of doors for us to build strategic relationships where companies and individuals have to take us seriously as a textile manufacturer," he said. "To get in the door, sometimes you need something that's going to differentiate you - and that's exactly what this technology has ViewSPORT envisions the future of this technology as being used in other products, like bathing suits, raincoats, or even umbrellas. Whatever the future holds, ViewSPORT is ready to change with the times, as long as they can continue to connect with and motivate their customers to keep on working hard.

What’s your View?

ViewSport is active on social media to spot trends, phrases and what is motivating active people, using that cutting edge imagery and messages in upcoming shirts. They must be on to something, with over 80,000 followers on Instagram. ViewSPORT provides custom-designed apparel, allowing sport teams and attendees at corporate events to Wear Their Sweat With Pride. You can find ViewSPORT on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and anywhere else people are talking about great ideas, products and the latest innovative technology in apparel.