Bringing Locally Sourced, Organic Soaps to Your Front Door

Soap can seem like a mundane topic. It´s bubbly and you use it to clean. So what else is there? Soap is an important part of your life´s most intimate moments. Soap gently cleanses you in the warmth of a hot shower, while the smell of a certain soap can take you back to childhood and remind you of your mother´s hands. Soap will be one of the few things you use for your entire life.

Mooseberry Soap ingredients selected for skin are sustainable, organic, moisturizing, exfoliating, purifying and balancing.

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Recently, there has been an explosion in the market demanding soap that reflects its intimate sta tus in our lives. Luxury soap must be good for the skin, but it must also be beautiful itself - colorful, richly and deliciously scented, made with natural ingredients. Soap like this elevates a simple morning shower to a spa treatment. One of the first individuals to convey this idea of "beautiful, handmade, natural soaps" was Mary Bartolotta, owner of Mooseberry Soap Company. Her mission, "What Goes On Should Be As Good As What Goes In" originated with Mooseberry Soap Company in 2009, when the company was founded.

(Mary Bartolotta, Owner & Founder )

Mary Bartolotta began making soaps in her log cabin home in upstate NY, with an idea to sell to the region using exclusively organic, locally sourced ingredients. Early on Mary partnered local businesses selling farm to table ingredients that could also compliment her soaps.

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The pulp from a roasted summer squash, that might normally have been thrown out, became a moisturizing butter, while charred cherry pits became an exfoliant. Through Mary´s vision, these products were quickly turned into beautiful, autumn-smelling soap that was nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.

From there, Mary just kept creating new soaps by combining her background as a pastry chef and her love for baking to inspire sudsy creations. The herbs, scents and aromas she used echoed her favorite pastry recipes, like Lemon-Meringue Pie, Triple Citrus Cake and Golden Almond Biscotti. And they smell as delicious as they sound.

What Goes On Should Be As Good As What Goes In.
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Mary and her soap makers: Jolyn, Therese, and Mary´s granddaughter, Abigail, who has been making soap since age 13, take inspiration from the Finger Lakes region around them. Visiting local farms, has been a Sunday tradition, where Mary can talk with farmers about sustainability practices and pick up items produced locally to be used in her products. She loves the exfoliating qualities of the rougher parts of produce, such as seeds, herbs and pulp. She also uses clays, native to upstate New York, to add vibrant hues to her soaps and to give the soaps the ability to purify and exfoliate the skin.

(Mooseberry Soaps are made from all-natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients)

Mooseberry Soaps has now opened a second location in Newark, New York, with a Grand Opening scheduled for November 18-19th where customers can find holiday sales, giveaways and soap samples. Soaps, lotions, creams, balms and more are sold in the store and made on location, which makes the whole store smell heavenly.

Upon first entering, you can´t really be sure if the luscious aroma is coming from handmade products or scrumptious baked goods. But either way, you are in the right place. If you get the chance to visit Mooseberry Soap Company´s retail store location at 513 W Union St in Newark, NY, be prepared to delight all your senses and have a great time learning about artisan soaps.

The herbs, scents and aromas she used echoed her favorite pastry recipes, like Lemon-Meringue Pie, Triple Citrus Cake and Golden Almond Biscotti.

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